Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beijing Olympics and our Global Village

At the risk of editorializing, I proffer my thoughts on the upcoming Olympics.

First, regardless of politics (always inevitable in Olympic events) let's remember how fun and exciting the whole thing is. My goodness, since BC BC BC these games have endured with a resounding consistency, never varied from the every 4 year schedule. The magnitude isn't really felt until the opening ceremony. Watch!

I forget and I think, " oh, the Olympics" yet when I watch the opening ceremony, relax and let down my guard, it becomes an amazing experience. Really!

I want to see every event! I want to see every athlete!

The Olympics held in China is fantastic. For sure, controversial.....but why muddy the thing up with stuff? I was walking through Jack London Square in Oakland maybe a month ago and I met the Dalai Lama. I didn't know it was him but we had a fine conversation. I even asked him if he knew the Dalai Lama and ..."is he a nice guy?". But I'll bet he'll be watching and enjoying the Olympics without getting all angry. If he's angry, he should give me a call. And if China is angry and the world is angry and so and so is angry ...... well, let's just take a chill pill and put it on hold for a bit!

ps: Here is a very lovely video!

But I can't figure out how to embed in this blog or if I can. so....I'll figure it out later. If you go to YouTube and put in Perry Como San Francisco Part 5 I think it will work.

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