Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hi Mom! I Love You! TRICK OR TREAT

My mother won't read this because tshe doesn't have a computer . Oh, the woman above is not my mother by the way. She is a woman from a Thai village.

But... I love her.

Today while working, an Eco Green Show of practical eco tips ...can't recall the name now.....was talking about fun things you can do with boxes. There were some great halloween costumes for kids...

So, it reminded me of my eco box costume in Bangkok. "KIM -- Queen of Hearts"

We moved from Pinedale, Wyoming, (a town so small that the road sign said "WELCOME TO PINDALE" ) to Bangkok, Thailand.

That was a shocking wowser to say the least for two young towheads and an adventurous single mother moving to Bangkok to run the music department of the International School of Bangkok. ( exact facts should be checked ).

However, this particular story is about boxes in Bangkok on Halloween. Why on Earth did my mother decide to dress my l'il brother and me up Halloween to go trick-or-treating? Scott was Superman (actually I think he was) and I was the Queen of Hearts. It's so vivid.

I'm dressed in this get up: A huge box painted like the Queen of Hearts, painted white face with red lips, white tights and red shoes....and a little bag for candy. Scott's in a cape and has a little bag as well.

Of course, we either don't believe or are completely unaware that trick-or-treating is like HUH? in Thailand.

So Scotty and I march off and start knocking on doors in the neighborhood with our little bags.

Imagine the rest.....

They don't speak English. We don't speak Thai. They're at home relaxing and answer a knock on the door with two freaky white kids saying "TRICK OR TREAT!"

Oh my God Mom! I can't believe it!

I don't remember much about it other that my white face, cardboard box and red lips...except that Scott and I decided it wasn't working so we came home.

Now it's kind of sounding like "mommie dearest" but it wasn't. I really think she wanted to do costumes for Halloween and we probably begged her to let us go trick or treating. She probably said...no...no....no.... oh....ok. sweeties. There was nothing momy dearest about it.

She's my Mom. She did a great "Go Green" outfit for us and let us figure it out for ourselves.

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