Thursday, July 24, 2008

Charles In Charge and Fortune Cookie Kim

On my way to an appointment with a formidable organic / natural foods grocery chain, I called a taxi. The cab driver and I didn't recognize each other at first but when I said that I first needed to stop at Kar Mee Fortune Cookie Factory to pick up some samples, he said , "Oh! You're fortune cookie Kim!". I then recognized him as the same cab driver I'd had a week ago. "Oh! You're Charles! I remember you!". "You're the one that doesn't like fortune cookies but we had fun talking about your fortune." He did say that the cookie was pretty good which I considered a compliment coming from someone who doesn't like fortune cookies. I must add, that everyone else who has tried the cookie has loved it. So, that's ok.

(His fortune said that he would have "...much success in sports" and we decided that he would probably be getting an exclusive transportation contract with the Oakland Raiders.)

I like Charles because I can get organized in the cab and I don't feel obligated to maintain a conversation. He's calm. He drives well and I can ask him if I should wear my hair up or down or if I look ok. I asked him if he would be my personal driver. I call him "Charles in Charge" and he calls me "Fortune Cookie Kim".

When I exited the cab, a bag of cookies fell and a car ran over it. Oh well. I had more. (That's the way the (fortune) cookie crumbles.)

Well, the store was very excited about this cookie. The buyer I spoke with had all kinds of exciting ideas on how he could use the cookie to cross-sell. His very good idea was to put one promotional item in 1 of every 5 bags; something like "Congratulations! This fortune is good for a free burrito at our deli". Each message will be personalized for their demographic. They may private label as well and they will probably carry our Dog Fortune Cookie or our Organic Dog Fortune Cookie.

All in all, it was a nice day! Charles is nice. And our Organic Fortune Cookie is quite exciting.

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Leonard Stegmann said...

Fun Story! I hope you make a FORTUNE with your COOKIE, KIM!

Dog Eats Fortune Cookie-Learns to Fly!