Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fortune Cookies For Kids ! 10 Incredibly Innovative Ideas!

children love fortune cookies.....but they'd love 'em more if the messages inside were just for kids! Right Kids?

Children Love Organic Fortune Cookies!
The New Youth Initiative:

On A Moon Beam and a Ray of Hope
global sustainability * education * participation * values * love * nutrition

Messages that communicate to children around the world:

Here are some ideas:

1. Community Involvement: Encourage children to participate and get involved. Volunteer to a senior center. Get involved children! Your are the future! You are today! Help make the world a better place. You can make a difference.

2. Academic Enrichment: Vocabulary. History. Math. Science.

3. Teachers. Make Learning Fun!

3. Anti Drug / Non -Violence: Love thy neighbor. Respect one another. Be Kind. Be Good. Treat others as you would like to be treated. "Today, have a two minute sit down conversation with someone you don't like. (just the two of you) Watch what happens!"

4. Fight Obesity: Each message contains a fun message for kids....."Do ten jumping jacks, turn around 5 times, tap your head and say "I'm Cool".

5. Parents Say "I Love You": Particularly sweet for young children just leaving the nest for school. Organic Cookies with your loving message inside for their lunches. "Mommie thinks you're the best!" "Boo Boo, I Love You" ! "You're my sweetie......can't wait to tickle you after school!"

6. Appreciation of the Arts: "Kids! Compose a rap song about "Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches!"

7. Church Programs For Children: Religious messages inside remind children about Faith, Love and God.

8. Contest: Advertise a program with an enticing SURPRISE in store

9. Counselors and Therapists: Open up a discussion with a child in a fun way and with a smile. "Your Mom or Dad acts like a goofball and you get embarrassed.....whadya gonna do?"

Your Idea Here! What do you think?

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