Friday, October 3, 2008

Dog Gone Crazy --- Organic Treats That Dogs Howl About!

On the phone today with Humane Society and SPCA of Sonoma County Angie told me a cute story. One of our Dog Fortune Cookies (Organic Treats For Your Four-Legged Friends) was on her desk next to the computer. Her little dog was sitting with her in the office.. She left the room for a moment and returned to find pooch on the desk, paws on the keyboard and the cookie unwrapped and half eaten! Doggies Fortune: "Go Doggy Go!"

Funny! I know what she's talking about. On my way to deliver some cookies in Jack London Square for the East Bay SPCA Adoption Fair, I walked past "Mr. Huge Happy Frisky Dog" on a leash and he suddenly jumped up and started ripping open my bag of cookies. I just let him do it certainly not wanting to deny a dog his treats but wanting to deny him fingers! The owner finally pulled him away and I made sure he had some goodies to keep him happy! His fortune: "All Good Dogs Deserve Great Fortune Cookies"

.....All the great 'Howl-o-ween' events are almost here! I sure hope to waggle over to this one in Sonoma!

(p.s. I miss you so much, Mikki )

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......and a quick P. S. .... Look who comes out on top in this "Guiness Book of World Record's Item"?

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